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Business Information

Giving form to function and creativity Below is an introduction to our various businesses, brought to commercial success by discovering what satisfies our customers, flexible creativity, and technology acquired over many years of container manufacturing.

Vehicle Business

Main activities

Design, production and sales of trucks with liftgates and truck bodies, refrigerated trucks, and efficient loading equipment


Based on our container building know-how spanning half a century, our trucks with liftgates and work trucks are high-quality products suitable for all loading work, and are highly acclaimed by our customers.

We employ an integrated build-to-order manufacturing system that incorporates everything from design and development to production, and produce products that meet our customers' diverse set of needs based on easy-to-use features and design.

Product line

  • Truck bodies
  • refrigerator cars and refrigerated trucks
  • sliding roofs
  • retractable doors
  • winged doors for vans
  • vending trucks
  • wireless keys
  • delivery service vans
  • moving vans
  • auto-leveling liftgates
  • folding liftgates
  • slide-away liftgates

Communications Business

Main activities

Design, development, production, installation and installation of aluminum shelters, radio and telecommunication shelters, observation and warning shelters, power controller boxes, data center containers, various equipment box (shelters) such as battery cabinets, and disaster equipment storehouses; maintenance, inspection, renovation and restoration of existing shelters; maintenance of solar power generation systems; sales and installation of environmental equipment.


Our communication business involves creating appropriate environments for critical precision equipment that supports our lives, such as telephones, televisions and other telecommunication and broadcasting equipment, and also energy-related equipment.

We design, develop, manufacture, install and maintain storage boxes (shelters) for devices that protect us from natural disasters etc.

In order to meet all of our customers' needs with reliable technology cultivated through half a century of container manufacturing and a craftsmanship mindset, we continually pursue strength, functionality and design with new ideas.

We provide lightweight, airtight, highly insulated, and highly weather-resistant products that are tailored to specific applications.

Product line and services

  • Renovation and maintenance of housings for cellular network equipment
  • power controller boxes for solar generation systems
  • shelters for fire-disaster prevention radio systems
  • shelters for radio equipment
  • telecommunication equipment shelters
  • radio and television broadcasting shelters
  • battery storage boxes
  • shelters for monitoring equipment including water-level and rain gauges
  • discharge warning device shelters
  • air pollution monitoring shelters
  • disaster equipment storehouses
  • housing shelters (containers etc.)

Special-Purpose Vehicle Business

Main activities

Design, production, sales, repair, modification, and proposals regarding alternative applications of power supply vehicles, cars equipped with measuring instruments, food and display vans, broadcasting trucks, special-purpose containers, and police- and fire-related vehicles


Our special-purpose vehicles bring together creativity and technology cultivated through the design and production of large buses, aluminum trucks, industrial machinery, communication containers, and so on.

In addition, we maintain systems that allow mass production while also being full made-to-order systems with the capacity to respond to changes in the marketplace and serious disasters.

Moreover, our systematic product quality management, which includes measuring and inspecting stable angles and performing shower tests, enable us to provide safe and comfortable special-purpose vehicles.

Product line

  • Broadcasting vehicles
  • power supply vehicles
  • inspection vehicles
  • air-pollution monitoring vehicles
  • food vans
  • library vehicles
  • portable toilet vehicles
  • disaster medical assistance team cars(equipment vehicles)
  • product display vehicles
  • airport-related vehicles
  • mobile self-standing containers
  • photography vehicles

Industrial Machinery Business

Main activities

Design, production and sales of industrial cleaning machines, medical equipment cleaning machines, and environmental protection equipment


The Industrial Machinery Division was established to develop, design and produce industrial ultrasonic cleaning systems, giving us the opportunity to take advantage of our sheet metal technology, machine design technology, and electrical control technology, while at the same time aiming to develop equipment that saves labor and improves the environment during processes for removing abrasives, as demanded by our customers. Subsequently, due to environmental changes involving detergents, customers suggested that we provide high-precision cleaning systems that use more environmentally friendly detergents, and we now offer high-precision cleaning systems that meet our customers' demands. These systems range from systems that clean semiconductor-related products on a sub-micron level, to high speed inline cleaning systems for vehicle part production lines.

Product line

  • Ultrasonic cleaning systems
  • spray cleaning systems
  • brush cleaning systems
  • solvent cleaning system
  • drying equipment
  • lithium-ion case cleaning system
  • semiconductor wafer cleaning system
  • cleaning systems for optical parts and glass substrates
  • copy-drum cleaning system