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Product Information

Giving form to function and creativity We provide a range of services to meet your needs, including designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining a variety of products.

Specially-Equipped Trucks (Work Trucks and Trucks with Liftgates)

We strive to make your cargo handling operations as convenient as possible. Click the link above for an introduction to some of our high-quality specially-equipped trucks that meet a variety of needs.

Aluminum trucks

Our aluminum trucks, which are lightweight yet extremely rigid and durable, protect your important cargo from rain and dust, and have an appealing, clean look because they hide grime well.

Refrigerated trucks

We provide medium-temperature and low-temperature refrigerated trucks to suit a range of environments in which your cargo may be used. Depending on the application, you can choose refrigerated trucks with standby units, which are ideal for pre-cooling, or package-type refrigerated trucks with high loading efficiency.

Truck bodies

The side doors on our truck bodies open widely, making them ideal for cargo handling work involving forklifts. We have small truck bodies ranging from short to very long, and extra-wide medium-sized truck bodies to match your cargo.

Bottle trucks

By using aluminum materials and sections developed in-house in our truck bodies, we are able to make truck bodies lighter and to improve fuel consumption. Our bottle trucks are renowned for being environmentally friendly.

Trucks with slide-away liftgates

A vertical lift that slides out is used for trucks with a slide-away liftgate. The leading edge of the lift is capable of tilting. Because the loading platform consists of a single piece, it is very easy to operate, and has a great reputation. Also, the loading platform has depth, enabling cargo handling work to be efficiently carried out.

Auto-leveling liftgates

Our auto-leveling liftgates come standard with outstanding features for cargo handling work, and automatically keep the loading platform for carrying cargo horizontal. The liftgates are equipped with a stopper for preventing the loading platform from dropping, which prevents cargo from falling. At the same, the loading platform can be manually tilted in any position.

Protective Housings for Equipment

We offer protective housings to accommodate all applications. Below we introduce you to some of the typical housing products that we manufacture. Our housings perform at a high level in every regard, including being lightweight, airtight, highly insulated, and highly weather resistant.

Protective housings for cellular network equipment

These housings hold cellular network radio equipment, rectifiers, batteries, and other equipment. We have delivered numerous housings throughout Japan—from Hokkaido to Kyushu, Okinawa and remote islands. Because our housings are lightweight and highly rust resistant, they are used in ground stations, on the roofs of buildings, and so forth.

Protective housings for terrestrial digital broadcasting equipment

These housings can be installed on mountain tops and other locations that are difficult to access by vehicle. We offer assembly structures that are tailored to the conditions of a particular site. We are also able to transport housings by aerial cableway, monorail, dumper, etc., or access installation sites by helicopter.

Air pollution monitoring stations

Our air pollution monitoring stations are suitable for housing telemetry equipment for transmitting monitoring data, and measuring equipment for measuring sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and so on.

We also install equipment for measuring fine particulate matter (particles less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter) in new stations, and expand or renovate previously-installed housings.

Landscape-adapted buildings/housings

Our landscape-adapted buildings/housings, which house equipment, are in harmony with the surrounding landscape, while being airtight and highly insulated. We produce buildings/housings that are designed to meet your requirements for installations in parks or landscape areas.

Protective housings for railway facilities

Our protective housings for railway facilities accommodate and protect a variety of equipment necessary for trains to operate, such as railway monitoring equipment, and radio and communication devices.

These housings have been used as rooms for snow melting facilities and machinery, housings for train radio communication equipment, power supply storage boxes, Suica monitoring panel storage boxes, rooms for signal communication equipment, and so on.

Protective housings for power generators

Our power generator housings accommodate power generators and fuel tanks that are vital for supplying emergency power for broadcasting relay stations and wireless base stations. They are equipped with exhaust pipes for power generators, and oil dams and ventilation pipes for fuel tanks.

Special-Purpose Vehicles

Discover some of the typical products we make for special-purpose vehicles, the design and manufacturing of which are entirely customized in order to accommodate serious disasters and changes in the marketplace.

Power supply vehicles

Our power supply vehicles solve power shortages and outages caused by natural disasters etc. Power supply vehicles are utilized when a minimum amount of power is required to restore power in an area where power cannot be supplied due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, storm, flooding, or storm surge, or when it is necessary to generate power for an outdoor event, and so on.

Medical inspection and examination trucks

These robust and well-insulated trucks are equipped with power generating equipment and air conditioning, bringing out the full capabilities of medical diagnostic equipment. The interiors of these trucks are designed provide doctors, radiographers and patients with a comfortable environment.

Air pollution monitoring vehicles

Our abundant experience with vehicle production enables us to design and manufacture air pollution monitoring vehicles that satisfy our customers' desires.

The bodies of these vehicles use aluminum sandwich panels, which have excellent thermal insulation properties that prevent hot air from penetrating in the summer, contributing to energy conservation thanks to a reduction in the use of air conditioning.

For the body surface, we can apply a design process that is unique to you.

Food vans

We use ultra-lightweight aluminum adhesive panels, which were developed and are manufactured in-house, on the bodies of our food vans. These panels have excellent thermal insulation properties that protect products from heat.

These special-purpose food vans have an entrance with a step that makes it easy to get in and out of the vans. The vehicles are intended to be people-friendly for all who use them.

Broadcasting trucks

The equipment rooms in our broadcasting trucks, which are equipped with necessary equipment such as relay equipment and power generators, are designed to be easy-to-use spaces.

Our proprietary ultra-lightweight aluminum adhesion panels our used on the bodies that house the relay equipment, and the trucks have very stable low center of gravity while moving.

The trucks are designed with fall prevention measures such as safety struts and safety ropes to allow for aerial roof work.

Moreover, prior to painting, we use a cation electrodeposition coating for the undercoat, and apply Noxudol to the entire underbody. These measures provide excellent anti-corrosion performance.

Mobile self-standing containers

Our multi-purpose containers with outriggers have built-in generators, enabling them to be loaded onto a truck unaided. The outriggers can be safely operated by wireless remote control . A strong corrosion-resistant aluminum is used for the outer panels. In addition, the containers provide an environment that enables workers to concentrate on work inside the bright and insulated comfortable interior.

Industrial Cleaning Machines

Discover some of our typical cleaning machines and systems that are specially designed right from the design stage to be loaded with features, and provide you with the optimum cleaning environment.

Filling D Cleaner

The Filling D Cleaner is primarily made for removing highly-viscous deposits that are difficult to eliminate in work involving disassembling and cleaning filling equipment used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing processes.

This machine significantly reduces labor and energy use.

Index-type spray cleaning system

The index-type spray cleaning system uses a horizontal index-type automatic conveyor for conveying objects between spray cleaning and drying processes. By efficiently arranging each step, processes can be designed to be compact and highly efficient.

Cleaning methods can support a wide range of pressures, from low-pressure to high-pressure flow rates, and can be made to conform to a variety of applications.

Multi-axis servo spray cleaning system

By controlling the positions of spray nozzles, each of which is driven by a four-axis servo motor, and a single-axis workpiece, all of the surfaces of the workpiece can be spray cleaned at the ideal angle, providing excellent cleaning results.

Unit-type direct path cleaning system

The direct path cleaning system can handle a wide range of cleaning methods, from ultra-precision cleaning of semiconductors and package substrates, to the degreasing of parts. By breaking processes down into units, we are now able to provide a reasonably priced and compact machine. Assembling individual units allows us to build an ideal cleaning system.